High schools and colleges testing the use of Kindle and iPhones in classrooms

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It looks as though it is possible that schools will soon start phasing out traditional textbooks and instead rely on tech products like Kindle and iPhone to provide course materials. A pilot project in Oklahoma City at the Francis Tuttle Technology Center is giving e-readers and smartphones to students as a way to determine the technical benefits as well as the cost that would be passed on to the student body.

For practical purposes, students in fields like nursing may not easily be able to carry and reference large textbooks when performing clinical studies. It is much easier to have them simply take out an iPod Touch or a Kindle. The school is considering the possibility of having a Kindle available at the college bookstore already pre-loaded with the textbooks required by the student. Electronic textbooks can prove to be a huge savings to students with the school’s Chief Technology Officer Russ Hester stating that on average, electronic versions cost 50% less. The main drawback, according to Hester is that more publishers would need to use the Kindle format.

Amazon has already started running trials of the Kindle DX at several colleges, including Princeton University and hopes the device will be integrated into curricula.

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