Latitude Z from Dell offers wireless charging

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The Latitude Z from Dell is the first laptop to offer the ability to charge the computer without the use of a power cord. Instead, you will place the notebook on a special stand that creates an inductive charging field. Dell’s engineering department described the science behind the wireless charging similar to the technologies used for cordless toothbrushes and electric shavers.

The charger will recharge the battery for the Latitude Z at the same speed as a traditional power cord and is said to not affect other electronic devices. Additionally, an optional wireless docking station will be available through Dell. Audio jacks and USB cables can be connected through the station. As long as the Latitude Z is within 9 feet of the station, it can wirelessly access the devices connected to it.

Other features of the Latitude Z include the new Latitude On, a secondary motherboard within the notebook that has an ARM processor, graphics card and Wi-Fi chip. The notebook weighs only 4.5 pounds and is only 0.5-inches thick.

The charging stand will add on an extra $199 to the price and the docking station will also cost $199. The base price for the Dell Latitude Z is $1999.

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