Gadgetell Review: Powermat Home & Office Mat

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Gadgetell Review: Powermat Home & Office Mat

What is it?

The Powermat Home & Office Mat wirelessly charges up to 3 devices simultaneously by placing a device with a Powermat receiver onto the mat. There is an additional USB port to charge a fourth device via USB cable. The mat retails for $99.99. Cases and receivers are available at two price points: $29.99 and $39.99.

Home & Office $99.99
Portable $99.99
Case for iPhone 3G $39.99
Case for iPod Touch (2nd gen) $39.99
Battery Door for Blackberry Bold 9000 $29.99
Battery Door for Blackberry Curve 8900 $29.99
Battery Door for Blackberry Curve 8300 Series $29.99
Battery Door for Blackberry Pearl 8110+ Series $29.99
Dock for iPod & iPhone $39.99
Back for Nintendo DSi $29.99
Back for Nintendo DS Lite $29.99
Powercube $29.99

What’s in the box?

  • Home & Office Mat
  • Power supply
  • Powercube universal receiver (with tips for micro USB, DS Lite, DSi, Sony, Samsung, LG, and Apple iPods)
  • Tip storage container

The Good

The Powermat Mat is pretty easy to use. Take it out of the box, place the skate-board like mat on a surface, and plug it in. Then you take a receiver and attach it to your rechargeable device. Then place the receiver on the mat.

There are three charging spots located on the mat. When you place the receiver on charging spot, you feel a magnetic pull to the right position, a light turns on below the charging point, and a sound effect is played. You get three points of feedback to make sure your device is charging. The light and sound effect can be turned off.

The Powercube is a small plastic device with a mini USB cable. Tips fit over the mini USB cable. Place the Powercube on the mat and you can charge devices. The Tip Storage container is a nice touch so you can keep your tips together.

The mat is pretty stylish with a gray and black color scheme. While it is always advisable to keep your electronics neat and clean, the charging still works through dust and even business cards. Keeping three devices charged with one device is nice and just reduces clutter.

The Bad

The mat only has three defined points that charge receivers. You cannot simply place your device just anywhere for a quick charge.

The Crux

If you just carry one device something like the Powermat probably wouldn’t appeal to you. However, If you a person who carries multiple electronics or live in a house with more than one cell phone, the Powermat is pretty much a no-brainer.

Company Site: [Powermat]

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