Gadgetell Review: Powermat receiver/case for the iPhone 3G

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Gadgetell Review: Powermat receiver/case for the iPhone 3G

What is it?

The Powermat receiver/case for the iPhone 3G with a MSRP of $39.99 and is intended to be used with a Powermat charging mat.

What’s in the box?

A Powermat receiver/case that will fit the iPhone 3G and a Micro USB to USB cable.

The Good

The receiver fits around your iPhone 3G pretty easily. There are two pieces, one piece fits over the bottom and connects to the iPod dock connector. The other piece is not necessary for the device to function, but it makes for a cleaner profile. There are holes for the power button, headphones, camera, and volume rocker and hold switch.

The case adds a little heft to the otherwise light iPhone 3G. The base of the receiver has a Micro USB port that can use the included Micro USB cable to connect to a computer for either charging or syncing. If you are looking to carry one less proprietary iPod cable, this could be quite helpful since Micro USB cables are dirt cheap when compared to iPod cables. Call quality is not affected by the case.

The Bad

The Powermat receiver/case is a bit on the slippery side. I would have liked to have seen a more rubberized grip on the phone. The charging plate on the back is raised and away from the case. That can make for an uneasy grip for smaller hands. The case has to be removed if you want to use an iPod dock or anything that uses the iPod connector.

The In-Between

Powermat could have increased the amount of plastic so the charging plate did not stick out – however, I could see why they chose this design to decrease bulk.

The Crux

If you buy into the Powermat universe, purchase the Powermat home & office mat or travel mat and have an iPhone, this is very handy. Keeping your phone charged is incredibly easy since you don’t need to search for a fallen iPod cable.

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  • iphone developer

    Cool case. My only concern is if it breaks when you drop it — since it has electronics built into it to help it charge. When I use a case I want it to protect my phone not just add extra stuff to protect. Like whats next — a case for the case? Other than that, very cool product, don't even have to think about charging your phone, I like it.