Now, even your bathroom scale has Wi-Fi

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Withings homepage screenshot

If you’re trying to lose weight or stay healthy and enjoy metrics and graphs, then you should check out the Withings WiFi Body Scale. The scale’s built-in Wi-Fi automatically transmits your weight, lean and fat mass, and body mass index to your own Withings webpage. You can also have the data transmitted to the free Withings iPhone app called WiScale. Body fat is calculated as actual weight rather than as a percentage using bioelectric impedance analysis. Up to 8 users can track stats per scale – the scale automatically detects who the user is once he or she steps on the scale. The scale design is pretty sleek – it’s only 0.9″ thick in a mix of black, steel, and glass. The scale is shipping now and is available from or for $159.

Product Page: [Withings]

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