Pantech’s messaging duo announced at CTIA

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Pantech Reveal announced at CTIAPantech has two new quick messaging phones on AT&T in time for the holidays this year. The Reveal and the Impact both feature a full QWERTY keypads that easily slide out so users can bang out quick messages on AT&T’s 3G network. Pantech’s phones are typically economically priced.

The Reveal is interesting in that its number keys stay on the screen as opposed to most sliders whose keypad gets covered. Only the qwerty keypad slides down. When typing, the number pad stays active so adding numbers is easier then finding the function key – pretty original. GPS is on board and the phone is set to launch October 18th.

The Impact is a bit flashier with a bright OLED screen and haptic touchscreen in addition the slide out qwerty keypad. A unique feature here is users don’t need to slide out the keypad, instead they can tap on the soft keyboard (on screen). This was one of my big issues with the Palm Pre. No word on a date yet but the phone will be available in Pink and Blue.

Company site: [AT&T]

Image credit: Pantech

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  • abe

    The Pantech Impact's keyboard actually flips out instead of sliding out. I mean, you open up the phone from right to left like you would a book or an EnV, and then you get the qwerty keyboard.