Google begins testing new minimalist homepage, complete with fading text

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I love when things are neat and orderly, in fact I would go as far as saying that I hate clutter. Given that I am hoping Google continues to roll-out their latest test search page.

According to recent reports, some users who are visiting are seeing a page that has the text fading out, which in turn leaves only the Google logo and search box below it. The text reportedly fades in and out depending on how and where you move your mouse.

Of course this new look is really not all that surprising to see, after all Google has long been fans of the minimalist look. That said, I can already understand how some may think they are taking it a little far this time. Unfortunately for me, I am not yet seeing this fading page, but even being a fan of any no-clutter look I am really not seeing the point here.

Maybe, just maybe if Google is looking to clear some clutter they can remove that silly “I’m feeling Lucky” button. All things considered, this page would be nice to see with an option, let the users decide. But in the end this page is still being tested and may never make it past this initial stage anyway.

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