CTIA update: it’s raining junk phones? Can Google/Verizon turn this around?

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CTIA show update

If you are a mobile phone fan like me, so far CTIA has been a bit disappointing. Two phones that I have been looking forward to fondling are reportedly major duds and have each earned a “don’t touch with a 10 foot pole” warning. It is up to Google and Verizon to cheer me up.

Garmin Nuvi phone

I barely recall that New York evening where Garmin announced they were working on the Nuviphone. Back then, the idea was fresh and exciting but then development slowed and they took on Asustek as a partner to finally get it to market. The phone is finally stateside on AT&T and is priced at $299 (though, it looks like Amazon will sell it to you for $149). The reviews haven’t been kind:

From Gizmodo: “the first Nuvifone should have been euthanized, not put on AT&T shelves”
PC Mag says: “…it’s a one-trick pony that falls short in nearly every other way”
Business Week “The problem is, the phone part of the nüvifone is mediocre at best. It’s a basic handset with a minimal e-mail program and Web browser and a camera that’s merely O.K.”

Windows 6.5

Microsoft launched their latest update: Windows 6.5 this morning and despite our high hopes, things don’t look rosy for the mobile OS. The review phone everyone’s got their hands on is the HTC Pure. Here’s what’s being said:

ZD Net: “…(I) would never recommend anyone actually purchase a new device just to get this update on their smartphone.”
Slashgear says, “Enterprise users will likely find this latest version a decent mixture of the familiar and the new, but Windows Mobile 6.5 still falls short of a knock-out blow against webOS, Android and the iPhone.”
From Engadget: “…it’s very much a stopgap, complete with duct tape, bubble gum, and Bondo.”

Verizon’s Google Phone

There is hope for us phone gadget freaks. Late yesterday, Google and Verizon said they would have a surprise announcement this morning. This should be the announcement of the Google-powered Android phone from Motorola. This phone should make a splash on the Verizon network and has a chance to become to the best selling Android phone yet, based on just how big the Verizon network is and the lack of smartphone options in the Verizon stable. Check back later today to have my suspicions confirmed (or debunked).

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