BlackBerry Bold bits: The Bold 2 coming October 21 and a new white Bold

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BlackBerry Bold bits: The Bold 2 coming October 21 and a new white Bold

CTIA seems to have been good for BlackBerry news, or more specifically BlackBerry Bold news. It looks like Bold fans will soon have a few more options when it comes to picking the model, color, or carrier of your choice.

To begin with, the Bold which was previously rumored in white has now seen a real world confirmation complete with images. Overall nothing is all that surprising with this, it is still the Bold, except it is now white, complete with the leather back and silver trim. As far as when and where you will be able to pick this one up, well the jury is still out on this, or at least still waiting for an official word to come from RIM or AT&T. That said, it is rumored to be heading to AT&T on October 18 for $200. Of course, it is also noted as being a limited release that will be available online and in select stores.

BlackBerry Bold bits: The Bold 2 coming October 21 and a new white Bold

Moving on, we also have some details on the BlackBerry Bold 2, although they are still coming on this release, however this is the model that has been going by the codename of Onyx. Anyway, according to what we have so far it looks like the Bold 2 will be available with both T-Mobile and AT&T. An announcement is rumored to be coming on October 21, but as of now there has not been any mention of a release date or pricing.

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  • Stuart Friedman

    Something is off with these photos. The white Bold has a roller ball; the black one has a D-Pad.

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