LG unveils a solar powered ebook reader

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LG unveils a solar powered ebook readerEbook readers are becoming more and more commonplace and it seems that just like everything else that trends, it eventually moves over to being able to function with an alternate power source. The latest in the lineup of solar powered devices is the Solar Cell ebook reader which comes courtesy of LG.

As of now the Solar Cell is still just in the prototype stage, but that said it does appear to be on the right track. Of course, in my opinion it would still need to be connected to a book store to see true success. The Solar Cell will have a 6-in TFT-LCD that can get an extra day of reading from roughly about four to five hours of sunlight.

This extra juice comes by way of a thin-film 10-cm x 10-cm solar cell, which is said to have been designed specifically for the 6-inch display of this reader. The solar cell measures just 0.7mm in thickness and adds only an extra 20 grams to the overall weight. In other words, it is about as thick as a credit card and as heavy as a fountain pen.

As you would expect, anything in terms of pricing and an actual release date have not yet been revealed.

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  • solar training

    Why can´t they integrate solar into their mobile phones as well?

  • Armil at Compare eBook readers

    though it is on its prototype stage, i think this is the only ebook who thought about using solar power. ID love to hear more about the product and its functionality. The only eBook of thinking on going Green.
    Here on my country it would be useful since power downs are very common and i dont like to charge 2 -3 times a day. Hopefully this blog would be updated.

  • Mark waugh

    Wonderful content. I really like this ebook reader. I want to know more about this. Thanks a lot for sharing.