Samsung adds Blockbuster, Amazon video to HDTVs and Blu-Ray players

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Blockbuster on Samsung TVs

It seems like no set top box is safe from getting Internet video options lately. Amazon, Blockbuster and Netflix have been hard at work to get their respective video stores on as many boxes as possible. We’ve seen a number of companies add the functionality through new hardware and firmware updates, and now we can add Samsung to that list of companies.

Samsung is now rolling out firmware updates to Blu-Ray players and Internet@TV displays that will feature two of the three major video services. Blockbuster On Demand and Amazon will now be available through the updates, allowing users two more ways to get movies and TV shows instantly. However, only Amazon video actually supports HD content, so it will probably be more preferable. To bring Blockbuster back in, however, Samsung Blu-ray players will now be available at Blockbuster stores, which, assuming people still use the store, should hopefully bring in a few sales.

With all these companies adding all these services, eventually it seems we’ll all have a large number of boxes that support Internet video. Not even just the boxes, but also HDTVs. Soon there will be no excuse to not at least know of movie streaming services, if you don’t already use them. Having a wide range of products that have the features is nice, but it can also become confusing and annoying. Different services could have different stream qualities for specific content, and some devices could produce better video or audio assuming the user has no home theater surround sound setup. Surely consumers will be able to figure it out, but for now, do we really need to have Netflix, Blockbuster and Amazon on every box that connects to a TV?

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