Google offers updated Google Voice BlackBerry app, now at version

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Google offers updated Google Voice BlackBerry app, now at version has recently released an updated Google Voice app for the Blackberry, which brings the app up to version . Due to how people are really into Google Voice, this sounds like good news, but the catch here is that Google has not offered any sort of changelog along with this update. That means it is hard to say just what if anything was added in terms of features or fixes.

That said, this is just a point release update, so I would not expect to see anything major. Personally I updated the app on the BlackBerry Bold that we have in my house, but given that I have not used it regularly in the past, I cannot comment on any differences.

Of course, from what I was able to dig up online, it looks like version now offers the ability to preload voicemails and that the call log and inbox seem to have a faster loading time. There were also several reports of an improved compatibility with OS 5.0.

Unfortunately this version has not brought the one thing that most people are hoping for — better integration which will allow for better notifications of text messages, calls and voicemails.

Bottom line, this update does not seem to have given users anything major, but it still seems like a worthwhile update to apply.

Via [CrackBerry]

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