Amazon now offering same day shipping to select cities

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Amazon now offering same day shipping to select citiesAmazon has recently stepped up in the shipping department — they are now offering same day shipping and at the same time giving lots of people yet another reason to never leave the house. The option is called “Local Express Delivery,” and as you would expect there are some catches that come along with choosing this delivery option.

First and foremost, the same day shipping is only available in a select few cities which include New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, Baltimore, Las Vegas and Seattle. Additionally, each of these cities has a specific cut-off time that the order has to be received by which ranges from as early as 10 am and goes to 1 pm. And as you would imagine, customers will have to pay a little extra in order to get Local Express Delivery. In terms of how much extra, Amazon Prime Members will pay just $5.99 per item and those non-Prime members, let’s just say that it is quite a bit more.

As of now it looks like this is more or less a trial period, but Amazon did mention that it would be extended to Chicago, Indianapolis and Phoenix in the coming months. Personally I like the idea of ordering something in the morning and having it delivered that afternoon, but after looking at some of those non-Amazon Prime prices I think most people would opt to make a run out to the local store, or just settle for a later delivery.

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