Google’s Street View: On your trike, get set, go!

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Everyone and their brother has heard of Google’s Street View program, I am sure. It allows you to virtually tour all kinds of places as seen from the street. But now, according to a post on Google’s official blog site, they have expanded where they can virtually take you to visit. Their latest development, Street View Trike, takes you where the roads couldn’t.

There are lots of places in the world you may want to see or go, that you just can’t get to by Street View car. For example, those out of the way bike paths in the middle of a park, or a tour of ruins where vehicles just aren’t allowed. Now, you can still check them out.

Street View Trike takes you to all of these places and more. One of the mechanical engineers on the Street View team is an avid mountain biker. He says he got to thinking about how he could incorporate some of the “roads less traveled” with his hobby of biking. The result was a camera system built on a bike, which gives us…Street View Trike.

They have already toured several locations in the UK finding some cool out of the way by car places to bring you. Now, they want to hear your suggestions on where they should head to next. You can go to to make your nomination of where you think they should take the trike. You can make suggestions in six different categories: Parks & Trails, University Campuses, Pedestrian Trails, Theme Parks & Zoos, Landmarks, or Sports Venues.

You can submit nominations through October 28. At that point, Google will go through all the suggestions, pick some top finalist locations, and then let the public vote on who should win in each category for where the Street View trike should visit. They say if the winner is either privately owned or an operated location (like a theme park), they will “work directly with the relevant organization prior to collecting the imagery.”

When Street View trike was opened up for nominations in the UK, they were hit with a hailstorm of nominations — over 10,000. What can you come up with America? What off the streets area do you most want to view? Don’t forget to go to to give your ideas.

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