Future-proof your movie purchases with Disney’s Keychest

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What if you could make sure your movie purchases would work tomorrow, on any device, and you could lose worries of scratching a disc? That is the idea behind Disney’s Keychest, a new way to future-proof your media purchases and instantly access your media on any device that is supported. Could the DVD finally go the way of the Dodo?

According to a Wall Street Journal article this morning, media rights could be redefined as no physical possession will be involved. The media would live in the cloud and be available on-demand in a way similar to the way Google Docs are accessed. Users would simply enter their unique key and begin streaming their media.

Disney hopes to charge a little bit more for the convenience and security of keeping your media in the cloud and accessing it in a myriad of places. As DVD sales have fallen, industry players seek new ways to make the register ring. Disney says other players in the market have signed on to their service, but are not naming names.

Sony, as Sony tends to do, is backing a competing plan, the DECE or Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (catchy, right?). Predictably, DECE wants to initiate new formats and new standards while Keychest relies on current formats that are already supported by many devices. With Steve Jobs involvement with both Apple and Disney, we can safely bet the iPhone will be one of these devices.

One cool aspect of Keychest is no matter what service you bought the media from, the information is shared with Keychest members (say the cable company, movie studio, or ISP) so you only purchase it once. No word when either service, DECE or Keychest will be launched.

Are we headed for yet another battle similar to VHS versus Beta or DVD-HD versus Blu-ray? In short, “yup.”

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  • Movie

    Amazing new technology, keep it up I'm looking forward to see more post like this from your site.

  • RonK

    The "future proof" sounds good, just like the WSJ article quotes the marketer as saying that you are buying "permanent" access to content. But until the movie/video industry gives up DRM like the music industry was forced to, you're just buying "access" _until this idea starts to lose money_. Then, all of your content will disappear (or, at the very least, you won't have access for any newer gadgets you want to load it on).

    Call me back when you stop using DRM, i.e., trust me enough to let me be responsible for backing up the content I buy from you.

  • Javier

    guess most if not all Disney movies are future proof!
    every children will love it.

    some of my favorite disney movies now are my daughter's favorite….

  • Binod

    Copying the disc and storing on a hard disk can be one of the best way of future proofing your disney movies.

  • pamelamiol

    it is not in case with disney but others are also doing same about it.