MetroPCS adds a second real smartphone – Samsung Code joins BlackBerry Curve

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Samsung CodeMetroPCS, possibly the most intriguing pay-as-you-go services is finally adding another “real” smartphone to their phones offerings. MetroPCS earlier in the year started carrying a BlackBerry Curve like just about every other carrier. Aside from that, it labels any phone with an HTML browser and email capabilities as a smartphone. Until now those other smartphones haven’t been using one of the more widely accepted smartphone OSes like Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, or Android.

That changed today when MetroPCS announced that it will start carrying the Samsung Code, which will be its second true smartphone. The Samsung Code runs Windows Mobile 6.1, so not only is it late to the carrier, but it’s not even using the newest OS. That does make sense, however, as MetroPCS would be trying to keep the phone price down. The Samsung Code is currently selling for $299 since it, like all of MetroPCS’ phones, isn’t really subsidized with the $50 unlimited everything plan the company sells. Features of the phone include 3G, a 2.4″ screen, Bluetooth and expandable memory up to 32 GB.

Giving a real smartphone option to MetroPCS customers if they want to pay a premium for the phone is a great idea. Data for feature phones, or smartphones without the standard OSes and less features can be nice to have, but can ultimately be fairly useless. Web browsing on one of those phones is not a fun experience to say the least, and most other uses can be done through SMS rather than data. While the Code is a WinMo phone, and therefore not spectacular, it’s not a terrible option. At least it can take advantage of a handful of useful apps, and do most everything your average BlackBerry Curve will do.

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  • Shay

    This phone sucks for internet use! u can't browse at all.

  • marcg

    This is a good phone. With Windows Mobile 6.1 you have PLENTY of apps out there doing anything you need, for free and pay. Facebook, MySpace, Opera browser, personal or corporate email, Exchange server syncing, Google maps works great, Bing search app is good, Windows Media Player, Youtube app works, streaming radio (Shoutcast, LiveFM and others).

    All for $50/month.

    It isn't the best phone by a long shot. It isn't the best OS by a long shot. But it does a fair amount for $50/month. If you are like me, use your phone A LOT and don't have $100/month to give to AT&T/Verizon/Sprint/T-mobile this deal is hard to argue with IMHO.

    Over two years it's $1,000 cheaper.