Barnes & Noble Nook: The fine print surrounding the “Lend Me” feature

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When Barnes & Noble unveiled the Nook the other day, one of the exciting features that was announced was the “LendMe technology” that it will offer.

According to the Barnes & Noble website, the Lend Me feature will allow users to “Lend eBooks to friends.” It was further described as;

“Share favorite eBooks with your friends, family, or book club. Most eBooks can be lent for up to 14 days at a time. Just choose the book you want to share, then send it to your friend’s reader, cell phone, or computer.”

Of course, with just about anything there is always the fine print and in this case the fine print is kind of a buzz kill.

To begin with, the obvious, if you lend a book it will not be available for you to read while it is out on loan. Sure this sounds a little strange considering it is a digital product, but in reality this makes it more like loaning an actual (non-digital) book. This is the expected part, but moving on is where it gets not so nice.

It seems that not every book will be available for lending, instead this will be up to the individual publishers. Yup, publishers can choose to allow you to lend, or restrict you from lending. Honestly, that part is not all that bad, although it frightens me a little to think that many will simply not allow it.

Moving on we have the real buzz kill, and that comes in the form of not being able to lend a book past the 14 day period. You can only lend each book one time, which means that the person you lend to better be ready to commit to finishing that book within the 14 day lend period or else they will end up having to purchase the book on their own just to read the conclusion.

That said, one nice part is that when you are lending, you will have the option to lend the book to any number of the Barnes & Noble reading devices. In other words, just because you have purchased and downloaded a book on the nook does not mean the person you share with also needs a nook.

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