Here are the lucky BlackBerry handsets that will be getting the OS 5.0 update

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For those BlackBerry owners who were holding out hope of seeing OS 5.0 come to their handset, here is the list of the devices that will be the chosen lucky few. Of course, this list will most likely make some happy and some angry, but hey, there had to be some kind of cut off. Not to mention, OS 5.0 would most likely only bog down some older BlackBerry models to the point you would not want to be running it anyway. That said, here are the handsets that can expect to see the the OS 5.0 update;

  • BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8200 series
  • BlackBerry Curve 8330
  • BlackBerry Curve 8350i
  • BlackBerry Curve 8900
  • BlackBerry Bold 9000
  • BlackBerry Storm 9500 series
  • BlackBerry Tour 9630

Getting back to the reasoning behind why there was a cutoff with certain devices, according to the official reasoning on the BlackBerry website;

“In order to optimize the BlackBerry smartphone user experience with BlackBerry Device Software 5.0, BlackBerry smartphones must have more than 64MB of memory to support this version of BlackBerry Device Software. BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 is targeted to be supported by Research In Motion on the above noted BlackBerry smartphones.”

Basically it seems to have come down to the simple reason of having enough onboard memory. Sure that is not good news for some, but at the same time I think it is more than understandably. Of course, despite the update being made available by RIM, it is now fallen into the hands of the carriers as to when the roll it out to customers.

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