T-Mobile introduces Even More plans

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T-Mobile Even More, Even More Plus

We’ve been hearing for quite a while about T-Mobile’s “Project Dark/Black,” with the promise of better prices for more phones. The plans were meant to help T-Mobile leap over Sprint in terms of subscribers, up to the number three spot. The new plans were put in place today, being advertised on the T-Mobile website as the first thing a visitor sees.

The new plans are being called Even More and Even More Plus, both of which as advertised as “affordable unlimited” plans. The biggest difference between the plans is that Even More Plus require no monthly contract, while Even More locks customers into the standard two year contract. Even More Plus plans begin at $49.99, while Even More starts at $59.99. Each of those include 500 minutes and no data or SMS. Even More adds the standard services onto the price for SMS and data, while $59.99 with Even More Plus can get 500 minutes with unlimited data and SMS. The downfall to Even More Plus, however, is that you have to buy phones outright, so the MyTouch 3G will cost $499.99 rather than the current $149.99 for other plans.

The new plans certainly seem interesting, though it’s not clear if they’ll take too many customers away from Sprint. Sprint has unlimited data, SMS and mobile to mobile calling for $70 on a two year contract, with a subsidized phone like the Palm Pre. However, T-Mobile does have the ability to use data and still get a phone call, unlike Sprint. There were rumors of the Nokia N900 launching with these new plans, but with that phone being delayed perhaps we’ll see it next month on T-Mobile. Even if not waiting for the N900, waiting might be the best option right now. It’s getting close to the holidays, and AT&T and Verizon must have their own plans.

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  • Andrew

    Your dumb. those 59.99 and 49.99 plans that you say only include 500 minutes are actually the price for unlimited. The 500 minute plans are 29.99 and 39.99. Dumb dumb

  • Andrew

    Well in your article you say those are the rates for 500 mins and no SMS or web.

    "Even More Plus plans begin at $49.99, while Even More starts at $59.99.  Each of those include 500 minutes and no data or SMS.  "

  • Shawn Ingram

    Andrew, the plans I was referring to were the plans with 500 minutes as well as data and messaging. True, the bare bones 500 minutes plans are cheaper, but that's not what I was talking about there.

  • Shawn Ingram

    Yeah, I see that now. I apologize for having the wrong numbers up there. I'll make sure to fix them.