Spy application now available for BlackBerry

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Mobile SpyRetina-X Studios has announced the immediate release of their software, Mobile Spy. Mobile Spy will now be usable on RIM BlackBerry devices, after previously being launched for iPhone, Windows Mobile (pictured) and Symbian smartphones. Features of Mobile Spy include the ability to monitor GPS locations, text message history and call logs of children, employees and others. Mobile Spy works even if the history is cleared on a mobile device.

Once installed, Mobile Spy is in stealth mode and does not appear on the device. Mobile Spy records GPS locations every fifteen minutes and saves complete transcriptions of incoming and outgoing text messages. Phone numbers and durations of calls are also recorded. You won’t need to access the phone again once installed, you simply check the saved data through an online account using your web or mobile browser.

The BlackBerry version is now for download available through the Mobile Spy website. Users will need to pay an annual fee of $99.97 to access the application.

Site: [Mobile Spy]
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  • Alexander C

    One thing not mentioned in this article is that you need to get physical access to the BlackBerry in order to install the software. People might read this and thing it can be installed remotely. Thats not the case..

    One feature that I think people will really "go wild" over is that this app will recover deleted text messages, which could be either a blessing for some of us who delete messages then wish you could get them back, or this could be a bad thing for people (cheating spouse?? ) who delete their messages, then find out that their messages have not gone away.. :)

  • Rome Tsai

    This is not new stuff. there has been BlackBerry spy software out for a while..Mobile Spy's version just makes it more affordable compared to what is out there now.. look at this site for info on lots of BB spy stuff.. and you'll see what I mean.

  • mobile antivirus

    Not only BB have these problems,there are also spy software on symbian system.

  • spybubble

    There are times when we have this need to monitor someone for their dubious acts, suspicions, and even for their protection. Colleagues, family members, subordinates, and the likes are now possible to get an update with and check all their BlackBerry smart phone activities by controlling and monitoring all other web-related information, SMS, and calls including timestamps and the number they dialed without even physically touching their phone. This is made possible by a groundbreaking technology which is a fusion of service like GPS Tracking and software for data forwarding and interception. This a program strategically designed to spy on BlackBerry smart phones. These are called mobile phone spy programs.

  • mobile spy

    Mobile Spy is also have the availability of BlackBerry spy.

  • How to spy

    Get more information about How to spy tips.

  • bc2133

    I also used this kind of software to protect my kids

  • Tammy

    Here is another similar application for BlackBerry cell phones. MobileZenith TrackWary Pro Complete. Sells for $189.00.

    Worth taking a look.

    Use TrackWary to:

    * Catch Cyber Bullys – GPS Tracking Children
    * Protect your family and children
    * Stop employee theft
    * Recover your lost or stolen BlackBerry
    * Use it for backups or to bug meetings rooms etc.

    TrackWay is compatible with all BlackBerry cell phones.

  • nancy b

    Thanks Tammy,

    That app Trackwary looks really good. Not only does it report gps location tracking but allows you to control the frequency of gps location retrieval. It even does SMS reporting and remote listening of the phones surroundings and can be controlled entirely remotely.

    This is exactly what we've been looking for use on our company phones.

  • Cell Spy

    Cell Phone spy software is only the way to track or monitor your kids or teens Blackberry mobile phone.

  • Employ Monitoring

    Monitor your employee blackberry smartphone Track GPS location, read text messages, listen all outgoing and incoming voice calls and much more.

  • Mobile Spy Software

    Good to read about blackberry spy application for track and monitor kids activities on blackberry smartphone.

  • Spy Bubble

    This is spy application looks great in paper but I hope it also works well. The annual fee is affordable and I guess many blackberry users will invest on this software.

  • Tonda Kala

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  • iphone spy

    I am using MobiStealth <a href="Iphone" rel="nofollow">">Iphone spy application for track and monitor my Iphone smartphone. Its more advance mobile spy software for any HTC, Blackberry, Android, IPhone and Symbian OS smartphone. I use this <a href="iphone" rel="nofollow">">iphone spy app for my iphone data backup. it really amazing iphone spy app.

  • blackberry spy app

    Trackwary, Mobile Spy and Spybubble all work very well – and Spybubble has the advantage of the lower cost, too. Most of these work for the iPhone also – check out for more info.

  • mobilespyapp

    Spybubble (see for more info) is taking off in a big way, and Trackwary (see for more info) is an excellent package, as mentioned a couple of times above. Both highly recommended.

  • Kelly

    I use the trackwary after trying others that I wasn't very happy with. I now have it installed on all my childrens phones so I can track them at all times. It was the only one I could find that also does capturing of instant messages like blackberry messenger, microsoft messenger and yahoo and I think others. That was something I was really looking for. Also some off the others don't work very well in other countries while traveling.

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  • gilroy

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