Roku makes the Roku SD, Roku XR official, also unveils the Roku Channel Store

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Roku makes the Roku SD, Roku XR official, also unveils the Roku Channel Store

Roku has officially added to their lineup of set-top boxes, which means they are now offering the Roku SD, Roku HD and the Roku HD-XR.

To begin with, all three models still stream Netflix like we have to come to expect in the past. Additionally, they all still offer both wired and wireless connectivity.

Basically, the previous model, which also used to be the only model has been given a price cut and is now $79.99. Of course if you are looking for a little more then you can step up to the Roku HD. The additional features on the HD include an optical audio output, an HDMI connector and as you can see from the name — the ability to play HD content. The Roku HD is selling for $99.99.

Moving on, we also have the Roku HD-XR, which similar to the HD model offers the optical audio output, HDMI and ability to play HD content. However the HD-XR also offers a little bump in Wi-Fi connectivity which includes Wireless-N. The other models (the HD and SD) do offer Wi-Fi but not the Wireless-N speed. In terms of price the Roku HD-XR is $129.99.

One other yet unused feature worth mentioning on the Roku HD-XR is the USB port, which is currently located on the back of the box, but simply noted as being “for future use” in the press release.

Finally, Roku has also announced the Roku Channel Store, which will allow customers to pick and enable new content channels on their device. So far the Channel Store is not yet active though, instead it will be available “later this fall.”

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