Commit a crime just to see Dell’s new cop tablet with multi-touch

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commit a crime just to see the new dell tablet with multi-touchYesterday, Dell announced that its new Latitude XT2 XFR tablet laptop is shipping. Claiming to be world’s thinnest for a 12.1″ screen at a narrow 1.5″, the laptop/tablet comes ruggedized and ready for battle. Designed for the rigors of first responders in the field, the price tag is a sharp $3599 for the base model.

Here we are just a week after the Windows 7 launch and Dell’s new tablet says it runs Vista with XP Tablet installed in the buy information, but the Tech Specs say Windows 7. Trying to customize the device in Dell’s packages only lead to Windows Vista options. Windows 7 doesn’t seem to have propagated to this release. Odd for a new release huh?

The 12.1″ LED screen is impact resistant, capacitive, sunlight viewable, and is mulit-touch enabled. A resistive screen is an option as well. Dell will have accessories that are hot-swappable such as GPS and webcam in the coming weeks.

“The Latitude XT2 XFR is more than a laptop, it’s a key part of our mobile command and data-center solutions for field service, defense and first-responder customers,” said Paul Bell, president, Dell Global Public-Sector Business. “These unique solutions, coupled with our service model, make those communities more effective, enabling them to focus on their core missions instead of managing technology.”

The announcement does not include a shipping date as it uses future-tense for its verbs. Know a good lawyer?

Product Page: [Dell] Press release: [Dell]

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  • chakru

    wow this one looks like a laptop made for tough guys, but the price tag is just too high in my opinion.