Sprint bits: More Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile goodies coming in 2010

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Sprint bits: More Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile goodies coming in 2010Just yesterday, Sprint executive David Owens took some time and did a live chat for Sprint customers and in that chat were some interesting tidbits.

To begin, plenty of Android users have been wondering about the Hero. Well he confirmed that the HTC Hero, along with the yet-to-be released Samsung Moment would both be getting an update. With that the speculation is that it will skip the current version 1.6 and go directly to Android 2.0. Of course, we still do not have a firm timeline on when that will happen.

Additional Android related news came in the form of an interesting product. It seems that Sprint is “considering an Android phone with a built-in MiFi-type router.”

That last bit by itself is interesting, but at the same time it is good news because David Owens also mentioned that Sprint will never allow “tethering for phones that require Everything plans (such as all smartphones) from here on out.”

Moving on, for those not interested in Android, we also have some BlackBerry and Windows Mobile details.

The BlackBerry news included that the Tour will have Wi-Fi support added and that they will also begin offering other Wi-Fi equipped BlackBerry models in the future.

As far as Windows Mobile, this was mentioned, but less than exciting. Sprint is currently in the testing phase for Windows Mobile 6.5 updates on the HTC Touch Pro2 and other Windows phones. So far nothing firm was given as to when you can expect to see that available, however it is planned for “early 2010.” Additionally, Windows Mobile 7 is coming, but as you would expect that timeline is still in the hands of Microsoft.

Finally, Sprint is also looking to release some WiMax phones next year.

Via [GearLog]

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