The Barnes & Noble Nook is popular, according to Barnes & Noble

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Sure the title may be a little sarcastic, but given that we have not yet seen any stats and do not have any sort of general ‘top selling list” such as what we can find on Amazon, it makes it hard to judge just how popular the nook is. Sure, the nook landed with a big fanfare and the excitement spread throughout the blogosphere, but we are geeks and get excited about early adoption.

Given that we take the details that we can get, which in this case comes in the form of an email that was received from someone who has actually placed their order already.

According to the email, the nook has “exceeded all expectations” and the good news is that anyone that already ordered seems to be on track for the delivery they had originally expected.

Those that have not yet ordered may however be in for a slightly longer wait. It looks like any new orders will still be in time for the holidays, but are going to be coming in a second shipping wave. Of course, its not much of a delay, just about a week after the original date of “on or around November 30.”

So far it is looking like we can consider the nook a success. That said, once again I am feeling the desire to upgrade from my original Kindle, but am going to wait until I see either Amazon or Barnes & Noble offer an ebook reader app for Android. Whoever does that first will be the winner, but not-so-secretly I am hoping that Barnes & Noble will deliver because the Nook would make a nice Christmas gift from me to me.

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Dear nook Customer:

Congratulations on being among the first to order nook!

Demand for nook has exceeded all expectations and we’re really excited about the enthusiastic response. The good news is that you should expect your device to ship on or around November 30th, as previously communicated. Starting today, October 30th (12:01am ET), anyone pre-ordering a nook should expect their device to ship on or around December 7th, still well in time for the holidays.

We expect the demand to continue to be heavy through the holiday season, and we are operating strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We’re committed to updating our customers on expected nook availability and will do so through our stores, online at, and by email.

Thank you for being one of the first to order!

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  • John

    I called B&N to ask about the Nook and was told that they would be shipped on Nov 30. So I ordered one online. My order was placed on Oct 30. When my order status was emailed to me the expected ship date was Dec 7. I called Customer Service to complain and explained that I was told Nov 30. Too bad, the cutoff date was Oct 29 for Nov 30 shipping. When I asked why the customer service rep told me Nov 30 I was told that they must not have been notified yet.

    That's great! Barnes and Noble customer service doesn't lie to their customers, they are just uninformed!

    Not a good way to start a relationship!