Leaked NVIDIA hardware shows drastic improvements

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With the except of the Tegra and Ion platforms, we haven’t been hearing much from NVIDIA in terms of graphics cards lately. Mobile graphics are certainly important, but we still need great graphic cards on our desktops or laptops. Screenshots leaked on a Chinese message board show that NVIDIA is definitely working on fantastic graphics with the new Fermi hardware.

The new graphic cards look to be able to render very realistic faces as well as realistic hair, lighting, and reflections. The captions on the pictures claim the new chips are “the most advanced GPU computing architecture ever built,” and given the results that could be hard to argue. The chips themselves will hold up to 512 separate cores to process all of the graphics. Word is these new chips, probably the NVIDIA GeForce 300 series could be out by the end of the year.

These new chips, should the leaks prove to be true, will likely be expensive though the performance should be worth the price. Paired with a Core i7 CPU, machines packing these new Fermi GPUs should be able to do just about anything. GPU-accelerated programs like Photoshop CS4 will benefit greatly and experience very little slow down, if any. Even if they end up being priced too highly, there’s always that fact the the current chips will more than likely go down in price, making great (if not the best) graphics even easier to obtain.

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  • Gareth

    Looks amazing really, the time spent on the detailing must be amazing though to make it for a full game.