New York officially bans texting while driving

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New York State has just added a new law that further bans the use of cell phones while driving. Effective immediately, drivers can no longer text while driving and if they are caught doing so they face a fine of up to $150.

While a great law, for me this always goes back to common sense. Personally, I do not mind seeing laws like this but at the same time hate seeing laws that are passed that should just be common sense. Bottom line, it is not safe to text and drive.

Of course, this like many other offenses this is considered a secondary violation. Which technically means that you cannot be pulled over for texting and driving alone. The officer would also need another reason, that said, it seems safe to believe that they could most likely find something. After all, no driver is perfect.

Anyway, the real strange part here is that this texting and driving ban comes a long time after, in fact it comes years after they banned talking while driving. I guess we can just say, better late than never.

Read [Poughkeepsie Journal] Via [MobileCrunch]

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  • Ben

    Hitler would be proud.

  • Prabhat

    Well, I really feel this is really a nice step which is taken by New York, actually what I think is that texting is really more dangerous than calling. wait! I don’t mean that phone calls during Driving is good, its also really bad!