Walmart Shoppers: Buy a BlackBerry between November 14-21 and get a $100 gift card

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Anyone looking to pick up a BlackBerry in the next week or so may want to listen up for a minute. It seems that Walmart is going to be offering a $100 gift card to anyone who purchases a BlackBerry between November 14 and November 21.

Of course, just like most of the other special offers involving cellphones, this one also requires you to sign a two-year agreement. But at this point that should almost go without saying.

Anyway, other than the agreement, customers will need to purchase either the Curve 8310 or Bold 9000 with AT&T, the Curve 8330 with Sprint, the 8520 or Pearl 8120 with T-Mobile or the Storm or Storm II with Verizon Wireless.

Also, this offer will be available both in store and online, however those who brave the in store purchase will get their $100 gift card on the spot. As opposed to waiting a few weeks by mail.

Via [Gizmodo]

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