Holiday shoppers going mobile

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Holidays A still struggling economy and skyrocketing unemployment rates mean this holiday shopping season will be all about finding bargains and reducing spending. A new study out by Deloitte has found that more consumers then ever plan to use the web and their cellphones to find those bargains. They surveyed over 10,000 consumers about their holiday shopping plans.

The study found that 45% plan to use their cell phones to research prices and 32% will use them to search for discounts. 25% will even go so far as to actually buy gifts on their phones.

The net will continue to play an increasing roll in holiday shopping. 22% said they will do most of their shopping online with 44% saying they will use online coupons to save money. 39% say they will use online reviews to make purchase decisions and 65% say they are likely to buy a product online after seeing it in a store or catalog.

Social networking will be a big factor as well. The study found a whopping 54% of consumers plan to use social networking to research gift ideas, 52% will use online wish lists and 60% plan to use social networking sites to find discounts.

What are your plans for your holiday shopping? Will you be cutting back? Buying online? Please leave a comment and share with us!

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