Black Friday: Sam’s Club leaks $129 Blu-ray player and cheap HDTVs

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Sam's club has a blu-ray player for black friday

While there is no scan of the ad posted yet, believes these prices will be the real deal on Black Friday. This year, it looks like the bulk store took a beating as these deals look pretty good. The site is confident the prices are correct.

Black Friday deals:
JVC 1080 Blu-ray player: $129
Garmin Nuvi 255w GPS: $119
Acer Aspire One 10.5″ netbook: $197
Hitachi 1080p 42″ LCD HDTV: $598
Vizio 1080p 47″ 240Hz LCD HDTV: $997
Olympus FE-4000 12mp camera: $98

Surely the product on hand will be limited. We’ll update if the site gets hold of the ad.

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Image credit: Device Mag

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