Warning: Barnes & Noble gift cards cannot be used towards ebook purchases [UPDATED]

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Warning: Barnes & Noble gift cards cannot be used towards ebook purchases

We know that the Barnes & Noble Nook will be shipping pretty soon, and for some it may be an early holiday gift. But with that comes a little warning about an item that may have seemed like a perfect side gift for the Nook — gift cards.

Sure, that sounds like a perfect match, you have the Nook and now you have something to purchase a few ebooks with. Think again, according to the fine price on the Barnes & Noble website;

“Gift Cards can be redeemed for any product sold at Barnes &, except for the purchase of eBooks.”

Of course, this is in no way a bad reflection of the Nook, it still looks like a nice choice for an ebook reader. It is just a little disappointing that you cannot use a gift card to make an ebook purchase. But in reality I am just upset because I was planning to give a gift card to a friend as a Christmas gift because they pre-ordered a Nook and now I will have to rethink that idea.

Read [Barnes & Noble] Via [Consumerist]

[UPDATE]: It looks like Barnes & Noble has responded to this issue and have stated that;

More good news on the eBook front: We’ll soon accept Barnes & Noble gift cards as payment in our eBook store.

This change — effective in mid-December — will allow customers to use physical gift cards and online gift certificates to purchase eBooks through our site, through nook, and through other devices using the B&N eReader software.

We’ll have full details (including the specific launch date) in mid-December.

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