Most reliable laptops: Asus and Toshiba

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SquareTrade set off an ambitious study to compare netbooks and laptops failure rates of their customers. SquareTrade provides warranties on electronics as an aftermarket sale, so when something fails, they should know, right? Their study shows Asus and Toshiba tops the list in reliability but just how reliable are these devices?

The study performed by SquareTrade included laptops with sales over 1,000 units in an attempt to provide statistical significance. Unfortunately, we don’t know if there were 1,001 Asus machines vs 11,000 HP (who scored worst in the study). So there is some wriggle room. Overall, the 3-year malfunction rate for Asus is 15.6% while HP was 25.6%.

The study also shed light on some other interesting questions. What is more reliable: netbooks or laptops? The study’s answer is in the 3-year range, netbooks have a 25.1% malfunction rate while laptops score 20.6% and premium laptops rate 18.1%. In short, the more you spend, the more reliable you gear is.

Overall, 1 in 5 laptops fail in the first three years. The brand info is interesting but take it with a grain of salt.

Study page: [SquareTrade]

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