TiVo slashes price on HD and HD XL – get Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster and YouTube all for less

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TiVo discounts HD and HDXL players with sale for the holiday

TiVo has reduced prices on their HD and HD XL units by up to $100 for the holidays. TiVo revolutionized DVR functionality and continues to drive services forward with integration with companies like Netflix, Amazon and BLOCKBUSTER allowing users to stream movies, even in HD, to their home TVs. It is unknown if the sale is a move to clear stock for a new intro or a reaction to recessionary consumer spending or lack thereof.

The HD and HD XL offer TiVo’s world class navigation and time-shifting recording. As a TiVo user, I am continually impressed with how easy the unit makes it for my family to watch videos and movies from an increasing number of sources. Even my 7 year old can navigate to Netflix and begin watching a movie.

While HD menu’s still continue to be absent from TiVo’s line up and access to your content providers On Demand content is still not possible (in most cases) TiVo is the gold standard of DVRs. Add to it streaming from popular services and it keeps getting better.

TiVo’s sale takes $50 off the HD to $299 and $100 off the HD XL to $499. It might be interesting to note shoppers can pick up the a refurbished HD for just $200.

Source: [TiVo Blog]

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