Multitouch comes to Dell laptop in time for the holidays?

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Dell Studio 17 touch brings multitouch to laptops

In the still of the night, Dell quietly gave the nod to the Studio 17 laptop addition to the touchscreen lineup. The laptop features multi-touch gestures for manipulating the screen as well as its own set of touch-enabled applications. The laptop is expected to ship next month for $899.

The base Studio 17 received high marks for design and user experience. The touch version adds only the touchscreen and apps. Unlike other touchscreen laptops of late, the Dell Studio does not turn into a tablet (by swiveling the screen).

All this is great right? Ready to head over and buy it? Hold up, the product page is gone from Dell’s site. We are unsure why Dell has removed the page from their site. The link to the non-existent Dell page is here. Perhaps an early test?

Either way this looks like an interesting laptop that might usher in an era where all screens will be touch-enabled. Are consumers willing to pay for this?

Read: [Electronista]

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