Haptic touchpad messaging phone from Pantech launches on AT&T

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Pantech Impact features haptic keypad with flip designPantech’s new Impact is now officially part of the AT&T line up today according to Pantech. The quick messaging device features a haptic touchpad that side flips to reveal a long qwerty keyboard. The phone will sell for $99 after rebates and contracts.

Remember haptic feedback? When users press on a touchscreen the phones buzzes to give the sensation of pushing a button is how it is often described. Pantech uses haptic feedback to give new users the confidence in using a touchpad . Almost all phone and messaging functions can be performed on the haptic touchpad or users can flip open the screen to bang on the keys.

Instead of a full screen on the front of the phone, the screen is extremely small and the rest is a large touchpad. The effect looks like a large touchscreen, common on many of today’s phones. It is a risky move, looking like something you are not.

The Pantech Impact runs on the AT&Ts 3G network for fast data speeds and comes preloaded with AT&T’s new browser The Impact’s large inner color screen is surrounded by speakers. The device also takes stills and video.

At the moment, I don’t see AT&T’s page for the Impact. It should be up sometime today.

Press release: [VPO] and [PantechUSA]

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