Gadgetell Review: Kicker EB51, EB71 headphones

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Gadgetell Review: Kicker EB51, EB71 headphones

The fine folks over at Kicker were kind enough to provide me a few sets of earbuds to review. I received the EB51’s and the EB71’s, which are described as the Premium Full Range Ear Buds and the Noise Isolation In Ear Monitors respectively. They were also kind enough to send over two pairs of each, which means that I have a brand new set of each to give away to a few lucky Gadgetell readers. But more on the giveaway in another post that will come later today, for now lets concentrate on the review.

First, just to give a little history as to my earbud use. I will say that I spend more time than I should wearing earbud style headphones — on some days up to 3, 4 or even 5 hours. That said, I use them at my computer (an iMac and Eee PC netbook), with my iPhone, my HTC Hero and my Zune HD. In other words, I use them with a variety of sources, but nothing that is going to require exceptional sound quality. As far as content, I listen to a mix of Slacker, Pandora, audio and video podcasts as well as Zune Marketplace content and ripped CD’s. Again, nothing that screams audiophile.

What is being reviewed?

  • Kicker EB51 Premium Full Range Ear Buds – $15.95
    Available in blue, pink, black and yellow.
  • Kicker EB71 Noise Isolation In Ear Monitors – $23.95
    Available in blue, pink, black, gray and white.

My thoughts

Basically, according to me, what makes for a good set of earbuds is a decent price and a comfortable fit. Unfortunately everyone is different in terms of fit, but I will say that both the EB51’s and EB71’s offered me a great fit. The EB51’s are standard earbuds, however the EB71’s ship with a variety of earpieces to provide a more “custom” fit.

Overall, I would say that both models offered an acceptable sound quality, but like I mentioned I am not listening to high quality sources.

Another nice perk which may be important for some is that both the EB51’s and EB71’s come in a variety of colors. As you can see from the images, I reviewed the yellow EB51’s and the grey EB71’s.

Personally, another item that I consider when purchasing earbuds is price because while a good amount of my use time is indoors in front of a computer, I also spend a fair amount of time using them for running and general house/yard work. In other words, I want decent quality without breaking the bank. You know, just in case, or more accurately for when I ruin them. With that the Kicker EB51’s and EB71’s are in that not breaking the bank category at $15.95 and $23.95 respectively. Although they can be found for a little cheaper on Amazon.

For me, the price is right and these both offered a comfortable fit — even with extended wear. Personally, I liked the EB51’s a little better just because they seemed slightly more comfortable.

The Bottom Line

I will continue to use, and recommend both the EB51’s and EB71’s that I received as review items.

Products [EB51] and [EB71]

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  • kwoods425

    This morning I woke up to music like I do everyday and what was on my mind was booming some tunes on my way to my local Wall-Mart, oh and Wall-Mart must hate the Zune there is a block one there to. On my way there I was listing to Black Kids and making eyes at you to the single lady’s and MIlfs I am a bad boy and they know it 😉 I listen to all types of music, but today I downloaded some dance music on my card (break dancing music) when I got to Wall-Mart I was like damm! There was a line around the store so I was just pop my headphones on and rock out until I got into the store. When I go to the electronic section I was surprise to see my breaker friend Keoa working. He help me find a new printer today. Also Keoa and me are throwing a break dance competition together some time the first three months of next year. Anyways I need these earbuds because the last decent pair of earbuds I had lost sound in the left earbud. Which I won from you great people it will be so awesome if I got the EB71 earbuds I had soo much fun with the Radius Atomic Bass Earphones. I hoping that I will do the same with the Kicker EB71 earbuds. I will make Gadgetell proud that they choose me as the winner of the black and gray earbuds. I will bomb all day every day.

    Thank You for your time to consider me, you great people
    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend and Black Friday

  • kwoods425

    Wow, these Kicker headphones must really kick out some kick ass sound. So if the reviewers listen to his music for one fourth of the day. I will never take them off until my ears bleed hehe. I use my broken PSP, laptop and anyone else’s electronic to jam out with the EB71 earbuds. I want these earbuds soo much that I am going to upload a new profile picture of me chilling vack while rocking out with the Radius Atomic Bass Earphones. They made my ears blast off but they broke, they my ears blast off. That’s why I won’t to win the EB71 earbuds. I hope you they are as good as the last pair of earbuds I won.

    Thank You for your time to consider me, you great people
    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

  • Lean Muscle X

    Wow!! these headphones really look nice. I do wanna have one for myself.