WebStation 7-inch Android tablet coming in December

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Camangi WebStation

With everyone busy speculating about Apple’s rumored tablet, it might make sense that every other company would try to get their tablets out before Apple will allegedly swoop in and take the market. With no Apple Tablet in sight, this holiday season is a great chance to get a tablet out there before consumers forget anything else exists. Camangi looks to be doing that with their new WebStation.

The Camangi WebStation is a 7-inch tablet running Android 1.6 (Donut). The glass touchscreen has a resolution of 800×480, and the device is also equipped with a 2MP camera, .3MP webcam, GPS, Wi-Fi, microSD and a USB port. With the exception of the webcam, nothing all that surprising for an Android tablet. Although it runs Android, like the Archos Internet Tablet the WebStation will require special apps to work on the 7-inch screen. It does look to have some built in apps for media playback, which makes it a decent device for watching video with the 7-inch screen.

Android tablets like the WebStation aren’t anything new, though the increase in them is promising for where that market is going. Though these tablets do use Android, the fact that apps need to be specially coded to fit their screens is a bit off-putting. Its just another example of the segmenting of the Android market, which has some developers getting very frustrated. The Android OS isn’t bad by any means, but without support from developers it won’t hold up very well against other OSes. At the very least, these products that require specially written apps might die not soon after release for the most part without any developer support.

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