Free GPS comes Android 1.6 devices

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Google Navigation comes to Android 1.6 In an early Thanksgiving present, Google has rolled out Google Navigation to Android 1.6 users. Phones such as the T-Mobile G1 and myTouch can all access the free turn-by-turn navigation Google announced with the Motorola Droid. Be jealous no more, or at least, less jealous.

Also included in the release is layers for these phones. Now, users can overlay their maps with transit maps (oh so handy!) as well as info from my maps, Wikipedia and more. Sales of phones still running Android 1.6, like the HTC phones with the Sense UI, will be helped by this addition. Nice move Google.

Users can download the latest version of Google Maps from the Android Market and begin navigating all over the US (the only place it will work) today. The service is in beta and is free.

Note: some Android 2.0 functions will not work on Android 1.6. For example, the “navigate to” voice command will not work on the older Android release.

Read: [Official Google Mobile Blog]

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