Mimo introduces iMo 7-inch pivot touchscreen

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iMo Pivot Touch

There’s not a lot of people who have, or have use for an entire second monitor for their computers. However, there are some of us who wouldn’t mind having a second, much smaller monitor to put certain applications in. Mimo Monitors has realized this with their line of 7-inch secondary monitors, and today they release a new version, and knock down the prices of the rest of the line.

The new model comes in the form of the iMo Pivot Touch. The Pivot Touch is a 7-inch touchscreen with the pivoting of the iMo Pivot. The functionality is essentially the same, with the added benefit of a touchscreen, and Mac OS X drivers finally included in the box (previous models require a download for the drivers). In addition to the new model, Mimo Monitors is dropping prices on all other models in celebration of Black Friday, with the sale lasting from now until November 30. The sale also includes a free “MIMO care package” which includes a carrying case, iProtector Screen Films, and a stylus for touchscreen models (iMo Pivot Touch, and the 720-S).

Mimo’s 7-inch monitors do seem to have a certain appeal to them, and with the lower prices and the new iMo Pivot Touch, that appeal increases a bit. Having a secondary screen for an email app, Twitter app, video or whatever you want is a nice idea. However, the questions remains whether that idea is worth the $130 for the lowest models (710-S and Pivot) or $200 and $210 for the Pivot Touch and 720-S, respectively. For the same price you could get an LCD screen with a resolution much higher than 800×480, and much larger than 7-inches. Those monitors require a graphics card and their own power rather than being powered only by USB. However, larger doesn’t always mean more desirable for everyone.

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