Access Android Market from Archos Internet Tablet with minimal hacking

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Andoird market on Archos Internet Tablet

Of all the personal media players out there, the Archos Internet Tablets seem to be the most overlooked. With five- and seven-inch models, running Android and varying storage sizes, the devices can arguably do much more than the Zune HD and iPod touch. Until now, however, the Archos Internet Tablet was limited in the apps it could use due to its larger screen.

Previously, Archos ITs could only access apps in the AppsLib provided by Archos. Now, thanks to instructions from jkkmobile, users can access all of the apps in the Android Market in addition to Google apps for the platform usually reserved for “with Google” devices. With the release of the Droid, and Android 2.0 with the support for varying screen sizes, it is plausible that apps will now fit on the larger screens of the Archos devices. It is likely, however that many apps will not support the screen size, but that’s to be expected.

From the looks of it, the jkkmobile instruction installs the Android Market from 1.5 and earlier, so it lacks the better looks of the Donut (1.6) Market. Looks aside, it still works as a means of downloading apps, and that’s what counts. So, if there are any apps for Android you’ve been dying to try (all that comes to mind is Google’s Listen), but don’t want to commit to two years with a Droid, Eris or Hero, the Archos Internet Tablet is now your chance. Maybe, if enough people stat doing it, Archos will push the Market in the next update, though that could just be wishful thinking.

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