Nook shipments being delayed for pre-orders and stores?

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Barnes & Noble Nook Since introducing the Nook, Barnes & Noble has had quite the mixture of both good and bad press. The device itself has proven to be quite popular, with pre-orders continually being pushed back. Just earlier to today we found that the device won’t be in high-traffic stores until December 7. Now, it appears those who pre-ordered it early will not receive their Nooks as planned, either.

According to Matthew Miller of ZDNet, he’s received an email from Barnes & Noble stating that his Nook will be delayed. According to the email, his Nook should be expected by December 9. To compensate, B&N has upgraded him to overnight shipping, and given him a $10 online gift certificate. From personal experience, having put in an order for the Nook on October 20th, I can say I have not yet received such an email. Although, my shipment still hasn’t shipped according to B&N, so its likely I, and other early buyers will be receiving emails soon.

Barnes & Noble hasn’t said just how many Nooks have been sold, though Sony and Amazon refuse to release numbers as well. Presumably the number is fairly large, or the Nook’s production is slower or more troublesome than expected. Hopefully the devices will be shipped before Christmas for those who have been promised such. It is sad to have to wait any longer for the Nook, but it should hopefully be worth the wait.

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