Black Friday a hit for online retailers

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Black Friday Lines As people waited outside Walmart at three in the morning, there were others that stayed at home, slept in and ordered all of their Black Friday goods online. In fact, according to the data presented by marketing firm Coremetrics, average online sales jumped 35% from last year going from $126.04 for the average online order to $170.19. As a result, there was a 18% increase in the number of items purchased this year from 4.56 to 5.40 items.

Also from the data provided by Coremetrics, it seems people are being smarter about their purchases. With an increase of 40% in the bounce rate, (the number of people who left a site after viewing only one page) it is seen that people are shopping competitively online like they do at brick and mortar retail stores.

Essentially, this is showing us that our economic depression seems to be receding. Black Friday sales are often good representations of how the holiday shopping season is going to be. And with these results, it looks like we could be bouncing back.

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