Google Wave goes on a manhunt

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Google Wave goes on a manhunt

Since it’s beta release, I have found Google Wave to be kind of like the iPhone. Without all the developer apps, it’s nothing special. So of course being in the limited beta phase, there is little to do but play Sudoku. But now, the Seattle Times has found a new use for Google Wave; finding a wanted criminal.

The Seattle Times has set up a public Wave to try and track the movements of a criminal suspected to have killed four police officers. With Google Wave’s current set up, this could be a very effective, or very traumatic way to find this guy. I say this for one reason; Google Wave allows you to edit any reply made. So on a good side, they could have a reply specified for spotting where people could edit the post with locations of where they have spotted this guy. But on the bad side, these posts can be edited with false information or even changed completely.

As I write this, (10:00 P.M on Monday) there are about 500 people that are a part of this Wave. Whether or not that many people is beneficial is another story. But at least most of them are there to try and help. The current status of the investigation is as follows:

– Officers on alert at “every exit route out of Washington” looking for officer shooting suspect (source: @seattlepi)

Suspect reported near 13th and Lander (Unrelated 11/30 3:34 pm PST)
Officers investigating break-in near Cowan Park. Unclear if related or not (source: Publicola) (cleared: 11/30 3:02 pm PST)
Brooklyn and 62nd (updated: 12:38 PST) (cleared 11/30 2:09 pm PST)
“a lot” of liquid blood found in nearby park? (source: scanner) – (Time?)

Suspect Vehicle Description (updated 11/30 2:56 pm PST):
Police no longer looking for ’97 Mazda Millenia – WSP Trooper Brandy Kessler says it was sold 2 months ago (source: @KIRO7Seattle)
green 1997 Mazda Millenia, WA license 208SSX(vehicle is registered to suspect’s wife)

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