Cyber Monday and Black Friday show nearly identical growth reports

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Cyber Monday

Yesterday, we reported on the growth statistics of Black Friday provided by Coremetrics. Today, Coremetrics released the same statistics for Cyber Monday that had similar results.

Last year, the average sale amount was $130.24 while this year the average sale was $180.03; an increase of 38.2%. Similar results for online purchases were found for Black Friday this year as well with an average sale increase of 35%. Overall sales were up 13.7% as well.

The biggest difference between Black Friday this year and Cyber Monday this year was the amount of items sold per order. Cyber Monday had 10% more items per order than Black Friday and 30% more than Cyber Monday last year. Apparel and jewelry retailers made out with the biggest increase in sales on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year.

Just as with Black Friday, these results are comforting. They show a positive growth trend in the economy which is further proof that we are getting out of this economic depression. It also shows how much the internet is changing our lives. More and more people are relying on it for making their purchases. And more and more retailers are finding it a suitable place to make a substantial amount of sales.

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