Facebook flies past 350 million users

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Last night Facebook hit the 350 million users milestone. That is the equivalent of every single person in the United States owning a Facebook account and then roughly 40 million people elsewhere. To celebrate, Zuckerburg did two things:

  1. He posted an open letter on every user’s homepage stating how thankful he is for the support of Facebook over the years.
  2. He updated the privacy policy.

This update will remove the regional networks feature of Facebook. You know, the cities, states, or countries that you would join so that everyone in them could see your data. This update has been a long time coming as the main issue surrounding Facebook is the privacy of its users.

The new privacy plan of Facebook will also dumb things down (for the better) for the users. After implemented, users will select whether they want friends, friends of friends, or everyone to see their profile.

The new update is supposed to hit within the next couple of weeks and will require that all users of Facebook to update their privacy status to fit the new model.

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  • Jennifer

    I personally hope that networks remain in some form for anyone who has been in that network for a long time, if they wish to remain in it. I like knowing who lives in my city. I don't personally know very many of the people in my community. :/ :(