Target unveils a Remote Control Gift Card

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Target unveils a Remote Control Gift Card Personally I have always loved the idea of getting gift cards, mainly because I am nearly impossible to shop for. That said, I often like to give a gift card, mainly because I am a terrible shopper. Still, I understand that gift cards are generally a boring gift for many to receive.

But it seems that Target has decided to change that up a little bit with their new Remote Control Gift Card. According to the description, it is a “gift card and a remote-control toy all in one.” Basically what you get is a remote control with a few buttons that controls a little mouse in a shopping card.

Finally, these gift cards can be purchased with a value ranging from anywhere as low as $25 up to $1,000 and are available both in-store and online.

Product [Target] Via [OhGizmo!]

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