First Solar-Powered Plane takes flight

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With oil and gas prices soaring, the need for alternative fuel has been a must for every form of transportation. And this week, a major milestone was hit in the direction of solar powered flight. Now, it was only a meter high, but that’s still flight. Bertrand Piccard, founder of Solar Impulse, was the lucky guy to make this astounding flight in Switzerland.

On Thursday, just two weeks shy of the 106th anniversary of Wright Brothers first flight, at about one o’clock local time, Piccard was given the opportunity to give his HB-SIA its first test flight. So his battery powered airplane got on the runway, started up its four motors(with batteries), and his plane sped down the runway, achieving flight for 28 seconds at one meter above sea-level.

Now, after all that excitement, they must disassemble the HB-SIA and transport it to another airport; one with less restrictions. Spokeswoman Rachel Bros de Puechredon told
[QUOTE]There will first be longer flights and to higher altitudes. The next step will be the first day-night-day flight, a 36 hour flight next summer.[/QUOTE]

This flight is one of the first big steps in green airlines that we have seen. Hopefully we will begin to see more and more of these solar planes as we roll through 2010. And maybe some cheaper airline tickets too.

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