Google annouces real time search results

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Google Logo In this day and age, we want to know things right when they happen. RSS feeds and live updates on Facebook are some examples. But now Google is bringing this power to its search engine with real-time results. Amit Singhal, the Google representative, described it as,

“It’s Google’s relevance technology meeting the real time web.”

Singhal demonstrated this by doing a search for “Obama”. The results came in in real time, including a twitter update about Obama from one of Google’s people in the audience. Google says that this is the first time any search engine has implemented real time results into a standard page.

This real time search ability will work on Android and iPhones immediately. Google claims that there are over a billion real time documents a day that it will be looking at; including tweets, blog posts, and information from MySpace and Facebook.

Now, when you load Google (on some accounts) you will see a new “Latest” option when you click “Show Options.” You will also be able to filter out certain results like if you don’t want to see every Twitter status about health care.

This is a big deal for search engines and is just another step up for Google compared to every other one on the market. Last week, Bing had the spotlight with Bing Maps but Google has done it again and stolen the spotlight back for itself. Who knows what we will see next. Real-real-time results like in Google Wave where you can see them typing it? I hope not…

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