Amazon continues to help the blind with advanced text-to-speech in Kindle

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Amazon Kindle Those who have vision problems, or are partially dyslexic can still take comfort in knowing the text of books can be read aloud to them in their Amazon Kindle device. For instance, some people only need the text to be slightly enlarged in order to enjoy reading without the need of it being read aloud. The Kindle allows users to make the text into large print, but come the summer of 2010, the Kindle will allow users to use a super size font, that will be double the size of the current largest font.

Such an improvement is great for users who just need a slight enlargement of the current text size, but some people are completely blind or dyslexic so much that they cannot understand the text without it being read aloud. Up to this point in time, the Kindle supports text-to-speech of the book or text stored on the device. But what about menu options? Is there any way blind users can completely navigate the Kindle solely based on their sense of hearing? Also in the summer of 2010, Amazon will be installing a minor improvement to the Kindle that allows it to read aloud menu options, fulfilling the complaint listed above.

Many have found the Kindle to be revolutionary for users who cannot turn pages, read the text, or see the text clearly. It fosters a love of reading in young kids, and allows older people to enjoy their hobby of reading even if they cannot always see the text, or turn the pages.

Again, expect these updates in the Kindle by next summer.

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