Find out where you can see the Nook in-person with the Barnes & Noble Nook locator

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Anyone looking to check out a Barnes & Noble Nook in person may want to head on over to the Nook locator. Of course, I should point out that this locator is simply showing retail locations that have a Nook on display and is not showing which stores you can actually purchase the Nook at. The nice part here is that those still on the fence, or those that need to see and touch something before making a purchase can now do so. A quick search of my zip code shows that I only need to drive 10.78 miles to my nearest Barnes & Noble retail store. I think I may have to make a trip out, but at the same time it may be a waste if time because I am pretty certain I have decided to stick with the Kindle, after all I don’t want to give up the books I have purchased.

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