Google Chrome browser adds extension gallery and BETA for Mac/Linux users

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Google’s Chrome web browser made two big splashes today: a beta version of Chrome has been released for Mac and Linux computers, and an Extensions Gallery has been launched to distribute browser add-ons. Sadly, the extensions work only on the Windows and Linux editions of Chrome, but the gallery is stocked with new browser enhancements. Options for bookmark syncing across computers, integrated notifications for Google products, Twitter support, lyrics search, and much more are now available with the roughly 350 most popular add-ons.

As a long time Firefox user and a Google Chrome fan, I’m very excited to see the addition of extensions. My unwillingness to part with many of the Greasemonkey scripts and Firefox add-ons I’ve become accustom to is the only thing keeping me from using Chrome full-time, so it’s encouraging to see the progress. After just 5 minutes of browsing the gallery, I’ve already found a number of extensions that perform similar functions to my cherished Firefox add-ons.

Mac users will be unable to see the extensions at the moment; however they can finally get a firsthand look at Chrome built with them in mind. Take a look at this official video announcing the beta.

Browse [Google Chrome Extensions Gallery] Download [Google Chrome for Mac] Download [Google Chrome for Linux]

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